The ultimate Dutch beercan resource

How cans are described

Below the cans in the archives you will find information as described below.

Dutch Beercan catalogue number.


Design number. Usually located near the can company logo on the can.

Can #

See link "Can companies" in the menu.

Can company

Description of the can. The description starts at the seem, the barcode (UPC), the can number or the can company (in this order). It is then turned clockwise seen from the top. If the description of the front and back side are different they are separated by a /.


Contents of the can in milli-liters. If the contents are only given in fl.oz. I will still be giving the contents in milli-liters (12 fl.oz. = 355 ml).

Content ml

See link "Type of cans" in the menu.

Type of can

The number printed below the UPC.


Date of first release.